Monday, September 9, 2013

Arch City Steel and Alloy Procures the Most Efficient 4130 Tubing

Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. popularly deals with the supplying, servicing, manufacturing, constructing, distribution, and fabrication of steel products. We are also a major supplier of alloy tubular and bar products that are procured to oilfield, military as well as aircraft industries. If your industry has a certain requirement of alloy tubing, Arch City Steel will fulfill your needs. 4130 Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy tubing is a highly efficient tool that plays the entire trick when used in an industry. We are a premier source for these materials, and you can easily avail our alloy tubing in annealed, normalized, heat treated, aircraft alloy tubing, plate and bar conditions.

Arch City Steel has grave potential and pride to meet customer specific needs. We also take the onus in delivering superior customer care services to all our contacts situated across the globe. The products we offer are efficient and reliable placed at competitive pricing. Arch City Steel alloy products are available throughout the world and mostly found as installations of oil and gas manufacturers.

Amongst the vast lot of alloy tubing models we own, 4130 tubing is stocked in to meet the current Aircraft & Aerospace specifications. If you have a light weight, high strength application, 4130 tubing can be effectively used. Moreover, the stock list we own also contains the conventional, but specified grades and sizes.

Our effort to increase the product line is been perpetual. If you want to learn more about 4130 tubing or any other product we own at Arch City Steel, please visit us at

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Allow Arch City Steel to Handle your Next Project on Stainless Steel Pipe

Arch City Steel is your best source for accessing a rich inventory of stainless steel products like pipes and fittings, bar stocks, flanges, stainless steel tubes, sheets, hollow bars and plates. We are hard-pressed to ensure that we have a handful of peers both in terms of service quality and product performance.

We offer a Broad Range in Stainless Steel Pipes

Several industries demand for our stainless steel products because they offer an outstanding performance. They are designed and engineered to withstand excessive wear and tear even in the most harsh and extreme conditions. Over the years, we have developed the know-how and reputation with leading metal producers in the United States and all across the globe with our proficient loaded product line.

stainless steel pipes

We, at Arch City Steel cater both welded and seamless stainless steel pipes as per client and customer specifications and needs. However, apart from owning a stockpile of stainless steel piping of differing dimensions, we also accept orders for customized products in terms of pipe grade, size, recurring, or specification. All our stainless steel tubes and piping are aimed to satiate the extraordinary requirements and demands of customers.

We definitely understand the stress and worry steel buyers are under, hence, our sales staff is highly trained to question and answer all the relevant details about steel pipes. They will help you get precisely what you need. If you desire to send us your next stainless steel pipe project or inquiry, you can kindly drop us an email at, and we will help you with all the needful.

You can also contact us in the following ways:

Call us at: 1-800-264-7833 or 636-343-3004

Send a Fax at: 636-343-8680

Visit our website:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

High-Quality 4130 Tubing Perform Well in Various Industries

By now each one of us is aware of the fact that stainless steel is the most important and widely used material in several industries. Along those lines, Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. is the best professional supplier of Stainless Steel Tube and Stainless Steel Pipe on the market. We understand industrial needs of good quality stainless steel pipe and hence, offer only the best steel products to all our customers. We are devoted to providing extensive stainless steel tubing inventories that include seamless pipes, seamless tubing, and welded tubing to several industries. All these products are available in a wide range of different dimensions such as small to mid-sized to large outside diameters with thin and heavy wall.

4130 Chromium-Molybdenum Alloy Tubing Meets Industrial Needs

4130 tubingArch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. is also regarded as a highly reliable source of 4130 tubing, stainless steel tubing, and alloy tubing. So, whether you need piping to use with caustic chemicals, for cryogenic environments, or for municipal water supply purposes, our entire stainless steel pipe range is well suited for multifarious uses across different industries. In addition, our 4130 aircraft alloy tubing is well-stocked to meet up to date Aerospace & Aircraft specifications too.

4130 tubing is the most reliable and efficient product under the category of stainless steel tubing. These tubing are often used in a light weight, high-strength industrial application where it does the entire trick required to fulfill the industrial needs.

Apart from delivering good quality products, we also have the ability to render quick service to all our customers in the shortest possible time. We are now available online, so you can either order your required product/s for types of 4130 tubing, or find solutions to your queries by experienced and well trained Arch City Steel sales staffs.

You may visit us at, or contact Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. in the following ways:

Phone: 636-343-3004, 800-264-7833
Fax: 636-343-8680

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reliable and Sturdy Stainless Steel Tube by Arch City Steel & Alloy

Arch City Steel & Alloy, Inc. is devoted to catering industry’s most extensive and widely used stainless steel tubing inventories that include welded tubing, seamless pipes, and seamless tubing. All these inventories are available in small and large outside diameters and with thin and heavy wall too.

We, at Arch City Steel offer a wide gamut of stainless steel tube measured in metric, fractional, and Imperial sizes that are in accordance with the International and global specifications. We also offer huge varieties of stainless steel pipe and fittings, hollow bars, sheets, and plates.

Our Resourceful Inventory Meets Global Standards and Product Specifications

We stock over 20 grades of ferritic, duplex stainless steel tubing, austenitic and nickel based to meet high temperature and corrosion needs. Every stainless steel tube offered by Arch City Steel is manufactured in mechanical, pressure, hydraulic and boiler tube sizes. All of these products are provided in a variety of specifications that conveniently meet various commercial, defense and aircraft requirements, and ASTM, AMS, ASME, MIL-S, MIL-T specifications. These specifications also include mill test reports and full certification to fulfill all your quality concerns.

We are highly committed to rendering our worldwide customers with utmost professional and friendly services. You can rely on us due to several factors. For one it is because of our multiple warehouses situated at strategic locations reducing the delivery time. And two, it is the inventory planning that maintains various commodity sizes.

If you need to find grade, size, recurring or stainless steel tubing specification , contact our sales representative today. You can visit us at or send us your next stainless steel tube inquiry at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get the Best Quality Stainless Steel Pipe from Arch City Steel & Alloy

Stainless steel is the most widely used material in many industries. Arch City Steel caters you a whole world of quality stainless steel. Our rich inventory has a stockpile of products that range from nickel, to carbon to stainless steel tubes, pipes, bars, plates and sheets. Arch City Steel specializes in unique tubing and pipe materials specifically aimed to fulfill customer’s different requirements.

Stainless Steel by Arch City Steel

Our stainless steel pipe is known for its outstanding performance. Stainless steel designed by Arch City Steel can withstand deterioration in extreme conditions. In the category of steel pipes, we offer both the types such as welded and seamless stainless steel pipe. We also take orders for all types of customized products like recurring, grade, or size as per customer’s specific requirements. The better details we have of the type of steel pipe or tube needed a better chance we gain to provide our customers with the best possible price.

Speaking of stainless steel tube, at Arch City Steel, we offer a wide array for the same. Stainless steel tube is available in metric, imperial sizes and fractional sizes with global specifications.

If you are having a hard time finding your desired grade, size, recurring, or specification in stainless steel pipe or tube, Arch City Steel & Alloy is there to offer help. Besides the standard catalogue of products found at our incorporation, we also offer high-quality customized goods on request basis. Speak with our representative today to learn about the procedure or visit us at to get more information about other products and services.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Arch City Steel: The Definitive Source for Stainless Steel Tube Offerings

Stainless Steel Pipe
In the current economic scenario, where construction firms and fabricators are looking for high quality stainless steel products at competitive rates, Arch City Steel has emerged as the preferred supplier.

Arch City Steel is the trusted partner for leading players from the construction, manufacturing, fabrication and distribution industries across the USA since 1992. Besides, the aircraft industry today relies on our stainless steel tube range for a variety of purposes. We attribute much of our success to the fact that we give equal importance to each customer, whether they are looking for a single component or a large batch.

We are regarded as a highly reliable source of 4130 tubing, alloy tubing and stainless steel tubing. At the same time, our stainless steel pipe range is suited for a variety of uses across diverse industries. Whether you need a product for municipal water supply purposes or for use with caustic chemicals or even for cryogenic environments, we are confident that we can offer you an appropriate solution. Over the last two decades, we have helped our customers with hard-to-find components, leaving us with a rich experience.

Arch City Steel offers a wide stainless steel tubing range in fractional, metric and imperial sizes. Should you need a component in any other global size, we shall be glad to procure it for you. In addition to our stainless steel pipe and tube range, Arch City Steel also offers you a wide choice of stainless steel pipe and fittings, sheets, plates and hollow bars.
We recommend that you speak with our customer care executives, who shall suggest the best products to successfully help accomplish your project. Please visit us at for more details on our seamless or welded stainless steel tube range.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Superior Quality Stainless Steel Pipe for Enhance Performance

The demand for stainless steel pipe is growing by the day. And manufacturers of stainless steel products claim to offer the very best! But do not go by words alone for using low quality products improve the risks of operation, decrease productivity and increase expenses. So, what is the answer? Always, get stainless steel pipes, tubes, and other products and components from a reliable source that has been in business for many years. Also, the brand name counts, though superior products are comparatively costlier, never compromise on quality.

The Arch City Steel Edge 

We, at Arch City Steel understand that your requirement of quality stainless steel pipe is crucial to your success and hence, we offer only the best. We also present a wide range of choice in different dimensions. Whether you wish to buy seamless or welded varieties to cater to your specific needs, we are fully equipped to offer you the same.

We guarantee quality as over the last many years of our existence we have developed a strong relationship with the top metal producers in the United States and around the globe, to offer you high quality stainless steel tube/pipe.

Apart from offering superior quality products, we can also provide you your requirements in the shortest possible time. As a part of our commitment to offer you with only the best, we are now accessible online. You can either order your required stainless steel product/s or get your queries answered by trained and experienced sales staffs who are equipped to solve even your toughest challenges.
So whether you require stainless steel pipes and fittings for commercial, residential or industrial purpose, come to us and we make sure you go back happy!